Waste Oil Storage Tanks

Waste fluids storage tanks, made in plastic or in steel, compliant with the valid norms regulating the storage of waste fluids (Italian directive 392/96 according to European directives 75/349 EEC and 87/101 EEC).

Waste oil storage tank

Art. 7008 – 7009 – 7010

Waste oil storage tank, with double wall in polyethylene (one internal in contact with the oil and one external which serves as a spill containment and security container for the internal one).
The tank is equipped with a wide dome with raisable cover. In its interior there is a removable basket for the drain of oil filters and the opening for charging and discharging the tank.
At the rim of the dome a mechanical level gauge is installed that permits the control of the fi lling level and a transparent indicator on the side of the external tank allows to detect eventual leakages of the internal tank immediately. The tank is available in diff erent colours for the storage of different liquids, such as mineral oils, vegetable oils, break fluid, oil-based emulsions or antifreeze.

Art.Capacity (l)Weight (kg)Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)
8218 Storage tank for the external use

Art. 8218

Storage tank for the external use, made of first class carbon steel, equipped with:
– spill containment tray in painted steel with a collection capacity of 100 % of the tank content,
– stable, anti-slip tray base,
– dome with ø 400 mm, including connections,
– external finishing with anti-rust priming and gloss fi nish.
OPTIONAL: Galvanized porch roof.

Art. no.8218/11008218/15008218/22008218/3000
Capacity (m³ - l)1,1 - 11001,5 - 15002,2 - 22003 - 3000
External diameter storage tank (mm)950110011001430
Total length (mm)1650165024002300
Width spill containment tray (mm)1200140014001500
Length spill containment tray (mm)2000200027002500
Height spill containmen tray (mm)500550600850
art 8218l flexbimec

Art. 8218/l

Horizontal, cylindrical double wall tanks for underground storage of flammable and nonflammable liquids. Made with first class carbon steel with dished ends and a 4 mm wall thickness:
– the external wall of the tanks have a protection coating against corrosion with
reinforced fiberglass and are undergoing a high voltage test to prove their integrity;
– with overfill protection valve preset on 90% fill level;
– provided with two sockets for the leak detection system;
– with welded shaft and impermeable manhole access, dimensions 800 x 800 x 500 mm (shaft cover not included);
– equipped with metrical level measurement stick or mechanical level indicator;
– other accessories available on demand.

Mod.CapacityInternal diameter (mm)External diameter (mm)Total length (mm)