Waste Oil Equipment

The FLEXBIMEC waste oil equipment can be divided generally into 2 groups of articles: mobile units with a waste oil collection container and stationary systems.
The range of the mobile units consists of the classical waste oil gravity drainers for the use under lifts or in service pits, of the waste oil suction units with appropriate suction probes and adapters that can be inserted into the motor oil dip-stick tube of the vehicle, and of the combined systems of waste oil gravity drainers and suction units. The suction process is made by depressurization using a Venturi system or by using a pneumatic or electric pump.
The waste oil can be discharged from the mobile collection containers by pressurizing them or by using pneumatic pumps into waste oil storage tanks.
The stationary waste oil unit combines and automates the waste oil suction and the discharge in only one, wall-mounted system. This system has the following advantages:
– Elimination of any mobile equipment that could constrain the operators in their work;
– Simplification of the oil change operation which is limited to only the waste oil suction from the vehicle, the rest of the process is automated.

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