Manual Pumps For Oil And Antifreeze

Manual lever action drum pumps

Manual lever action drum pumps, available as single action or double action versions, made of carbon steel with components in aluminium and seals in Viton®.
Main fields of application: transfers and dispenses of small quantities of oil or antifreeze from drums.

Art. nos. 5420 and 5420/GO are suitable especially for use with gear oils up to SAE 90.

Art. 5403 5405 5410 5420
Delivery 12 I/min 24 I/min 8 I/min 16 I/min
Delivery/stroke 0,25 l 0,48 l 0,13 l 0,23 l
Connection lubricant outlet M 3/4” BSP
Length suction tube 1000 mm
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 80х80х1350
Suitable for drums of 208 I
Weight 2,3 kg 2,3 kg 2,2 kg 2,2 kg

The a. m. performance values are based upon the following test conditions: Hydraulic oil ISO 68 at 22°C – free flow outlet