Flexbimec manufactures a wide range of hose reels that guarantee a comfortable hose rewinding in all possible application fi elds and fluids such as:
– Lubricating oils and antifreeze
– Grease
– Compressed air
– Water at low or high pressure
– Fuels
– AdBlue®/DEF/AUS32
The use of hose reels provides more security in the workshop and increases the life of hoses since those are no longer rest upon the fl oor after use where they could be damaged.
In order to satisfy all application requirements the hose reels are available in two main materials:
– Epoxy powder-coat painted carbon steel
– Stainless steel AISI 304 (on demand also AISI 316)
The hose rewinding can be carried out:
– automatically by the use of a spring,
– manually by the use of a hand crank,
– by the use of a hydraulic motor,
– by the use of an electric motor.
The hose reel range can also be divided into 2 basic categories with regard on the hose diameter to be installed:
– Hose reels for hoses up to 1/2”
– Hose reels for hoses up to 1’ 1/2”
In order to be able to offer a suitable solution to any requirement existing in the market, various hose reel series have been developed:
– Standard series
– Enclosed series
– Adjustable arms series EVO
– Heavy duty series
– Thin Reel series
– Manual series
– Special hose reels

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