FLEXBIMEC pneumatic grease pumps are a well – proven product line since many years. The brass and aluminum alloy pneumatic motor assures a reliable use and a simple maintenance. The pumping system includes a rod in hardened steel, suitable also for heavy duty applications. The gaskets and seals are suitable for the use with almost all multipurpose greases on the basis of mineral
oil from viscosity NLGI 00 up to NLGI 3. The choice of the suitable pump for the individual application depends a lot on the type and the characteristics of the lubricant that shall be pumped. Pumping grease means to move a high viscosity fluid which at the dispensing point presents a dense condition.
The VISCOSITY of a fluid describes its capability to resist the movements of its particles.
The COMPRESSION RATIO describes the ratio between the surface of the piston inside of the pump motor and the surface of the piston that is pumping the fl uid. The bigger this value is, the higher is the outlet pressure of the fluid. Since greases are mixtures of mineral oils and soaps (dense, inorganic substances) and therefore have a high viscosity, it is necessary to use pumps for the dispensing that have a high compression ratio such as 50:1 – or 100:1 – pumps.

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