Manual Pumps For Oil And Diesel

Manual lever action and rotary drum pumps, made of carbon steel with components in aluminium.

Main fields of application: transfers and dispenses of small quantities of oil or diesel as well as gear oil up to SAE 140 (art. no. 5415) from drums.

Modello54095400545053005301 - 5303
Delivery 12 I/min9 I/min13,5 I/min26 I/min20 l/min
Delivery/stroke 0,25 l0,11 l0,40 l0,32 l 0,25 l
Connection lubricant outlet3/4″ BSP (M) Hose tail ø  20 mm
Length suction tube 1000 mm
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)100x100x944100x100x944120x120x1110300x220x1070300x220x1070
Suitable for drums of60/208 I 208 I
Weight1,8 kg1,3 kg 2,2 kg3,8 kg4,2 kg

The a. m. performance values are based upon the following test conditions: Hydraulic oil ISO 32 at 22°C – free flow outlet