Heaters, Tank Fittings, Hose Storage Rack

Art. 7394

Heating belt for 208 l – drums, 230 VAC, 1 kW, in siliconized and vulcanized, stretchable fabric, including thermostat and 1.5 m – connection cable.

Art. Working temperature Minimum insulation layers Voltage Power Dimensions (mm)
7394 + 30°C / + 180°C 0,4 mm 230 V 1000W 1100×100

Art. 7395

Electric immersion heater, suitable for oils and diesel. Self-regulating, prevents the separation of paraffi ns at low temperature. Voltage: 230 VAC. Power: 0.22 kW.
Art. 7396 Same as art. no. 7395, but power 1.5 kW.

Art. 7816

Hose storage rack, in aluminium, for wall mounting. Suitable for a safe and proper storage of supply or suction hoses.

Art. 7813

Preservation cover stem ø 600 mm polypropylene copolymer, for closing drums with a movable cover. Ideal for outdoor storage, protects from the elements, prevents water infiltration, reduces alterations of the painted surfaces.
It is equipped with n. 4 internal flaps 5 mm.

Art.Int. ØWeight
7813600 mm0,978 kg